Another KAL Dishcloth: Motif Eyelet

Dishcloth Motif Eyelet
This is another KAL Project with dynamic crochet group. I did this faster than the previous motif and I found out this motif is easier to do. I noticed many dishcloth patterns using seed stitch as the borders, so I try using seed stitch as the borders (my first time doing seed stitch).

Anyway, before doing this project, I browsed around and found a site with many kinds of eyelet patterns. I think eyelet patterns are beautiful!. I hope someday I can create my own eyelet patterns.

I’m a beginner in knitting, I’ll write down here how to make the seed stitch as a note to myself and who knows this could be useful to anyone.

Works on multiples of two stitches.

Row one: Knit one, purl one across.
Row two: Purl one, knit one across.
Repeat these two rows for pattern.

Seed stitch can also be worked on odd numbers of stitches.

Row one: Knit one, then purl one, knit one across.
Repeat this row.

Actually seed stitch is not a difficult pattern, you can Google it or try to see how it works from YouTube.


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