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  • Crochet bukan sekedar merenda

    Saya ingin menyatakan bahwa kata kata merenda tidak tepat untuk crochet, karena akan menimbulkan kerancuan baru terhadap merenda kerawang. Alasan saya: KBBI tidak mencantumkan bahwa rajut itu knit dan renda itu crochet. Kalaupun ada penjelasan perajut menggunakan sepasang kawat lurus, perlu diperhatikan knit tidak semata-mata menggunakan sepasang kawat lurus, terkadang bisa menggunakan 4 jarum, atau […]

  • Shawl Knit

    Do you still remember this work in progress that feels like forever will be WIP?  I remember I started to cast on around 2 years ago while I just started learn knitting. After a few drop stitches I gave up. I wanted to rip it off once, I felt the yarn colors are a little […]

  • Loom Knitting

    About few months ago I went to spotlight Singapore on my way back to Chiang Mai. I saw this loom knitting set but I still hesitated to buy it. I don’t think I really want this tools. The price is quite cheaper compared to the price on Amazon.

  • Knitted Bobble Scarf

    Finally, I started to knit again. My friend shared some knit patterns on her facebook and I can’t resist the temptation to knit again. I need a new scarf, not a thick one but warm and have style to use at the office. I decide to learn new things this time. I choose this pattern […]

  • Yarns and yarns and yarns

    These yarns came along with Joe’s family from Indonesia. I bought them last year from several places in Indonesia and also from Singapore – online and offline. Many of my friends and also Joe’s family involved to make it landed on my yarn closet. These are from Spotlight Singapore (Thanks to Meiche and Vivin). These […]

  • Knit and Crochet in the New Year 2009

    First of all, I would like to greet all of you with Happy New Year 2009. This year I decided to practice my knit again. If it wasn’t because I wanted to learn how to knit, I don’t think I will find my passion in crocheting. The reason I learn to knit again is because […]

  • MultiCounter for Knit and Crochet

    The first time I used a counter while crocheting was when I made the vest. Since I don’t have a real counter, I borrowed my husband’s Ipod Touch so I can use the StitchMinder to write my row count. Today, he made a multicounter application for my mobile phone. If you’re mobile using Symbian operating […]

  • What’s New

    Wow, 2 month no updates. Well, I do have some working in progress projects on my crochet, but I’m also busy with work and Thai course. I will write short update here. I have added some new widgets on my sidebar: Flickr banner, Ravelry button and some links about Thai and Thai Languages. If you […]

  • Firefox Add-ons

    I’ve been using Mozilla Firefox browser since I knew Joe. And even there were time when Firefox always made my Windows crashed on start up when it’s conflicts with my anti virus, or when Firefox still cannot display Google Documents I still prefer this browser compared to others. Okay, this post is not about Firefox […]