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  • Another Work-In-Progress Finished

    I started this project in September last year, and after quite some time I didn’t play with my hook. I thought I will stay with my hook, but I was wrong. These last 3 days, I was in the good mood in crocheting. Finally another work-in-progress from last year is finished. The Mystery Crochet Along […]

  • Coasters using Mali Dokmai Stitch

    Coasters using Mali Dokmai Stitch

    Yesterday one of the Crochet Partners members asked about Thai Crochet Stitch. I remember that I learned that stitch from my masseuse. But I just realized that the shape of the flower was different. The one that was uploaded in Crochet Partners has 4 rays while the one that I learned before has 6 rays. […]

  • Tunisian Round Potholder

    Tunisian Round Potholder

    Tunisian crochet is a new thing for me. I heard about this several times, but since I didn’t have the needle I never think to try it. Actually, Tunisian crochet is a type of crochet, that uses the hook like in crochet but usually, the needle is longer than the crochet hook. A few days […]

  • Crochet Along: Fan Doily

    Crochet Along: Fan Doily

    This is my first Crochet Along Project with Dynamic Crochet Group. In the 1st and 2nd circles, I did quite fast, but then I got slower in the 3rd circle. I finished it while I’m on my Christmas vacation. Actually, I have a little bit problem to start the 2nd and 3rd circles. I improvised […]

  • Crochet: Flowers in Doily

    Crochet: Flowers in Doily

    A few days ago I bought this pattern from Mrs. Thata Pang. I never made any doily before so this is my first crocheted doily. When I almost finished, I noticed that my doily only have 7 flowers instead of 8 like in the picture on Thata’s site. It seems I don’t read the pattern […]