KAL : Dishcloth Motif Square

Even though the group name is Dynamic Crochet, but we also do knitting along. We learn to practice new motif by making a dishcloth. This is my finished project. There’s another motif which is still work in progress.

I modified the pattern from the group and my dishcloth has borders. I found some difficulties to make the 5 last rows to be the same with the 5 first rows. After a few times undoing several rows, I finally did it.

4 thoughts on “KAL : Dishcloth Motif Square

  1. wiihhh, bagus kak…jadi tergoda pengen ikut bikin juga.Kekeke!
    Merahnya juga bagus. Benangya juga sepertinya lembut ya, jenis apa itu kak?

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