A Simple Crocheted Flower

Yesterday, after I finished knitting the eyelet dishcloth, I remember my promise to my friend who asked me to make a flower brooch for her blouse. I still have the yarn left over from the previous dishcloths and I think this yarn color is a flower color.

Flower Tutorial

So I start to Google and then when I see this You Tube Video and this blog. I decided, this is the kind of flower I want to do.

Crocheted Flower

Actually, this flower looks almost the same way as flower in my doily which I did before, but this flower’s petal is more curly than the flower in my doily.

Anyway, I think it’s fun to crochet a flower. A simple and fast project :). I have downloaded some crocheted flower patterns from internet, I’ll make more crocheted flowers in this week.






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  1. grace Avatar

    kyyaaa… Makin mantap aja crochetnya ibu satu ini ..:D

  2. grace Avatar

    bikin yg warna kuning juga kak..pasti makin bagus bunganya….tuing! ;p

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