Knit Challenge: Another Eyelet

Another Eyelet
Yesterday Mrs. Thata gave our group a knitting challenge. She sent a pattern without detailed explanation. There is an abbreviation that I didn’t understand. I thought SKP stands for Slip, Knit and then Purl. But I don’t think that kind of stitch fits with the next row pattern. Then I realized it is Slip Knit and Pass. It’s one of knitting “decreases” technique, I have never used this stitch technique before. If you want to see how to do it just visit KnittingHelp site.

I started right away and finished this afternoon. Actually the complete pattern has more repetition rows than my final result. But since my yarn was almost finished, I didn’t repeat the pattern. I’m glad because I learned another eyelet pattern. Thanks a lot mrs. Thata 🙂






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