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Hi there, welcome to my site. My name is Risna but you can call me Rhin if it’s too hard to pronounce my name :).

I’m a blogger, living in Chiang Mai, Thailand since 2007. I like to write a lot of things that I learn or just as a hobby in this blog.

The previous title of this site is BuzzyCrocKnit, and since I have kids, I don’t really knit or crocheting anymore. And before that, the title of this site is FYI stands for: For Your Information.

As time goes by, I decided to change the title again to Risna Info and start to write in Bahasa Indonesia again. The older posts will stay here since I’m too lazy to clean those up.

I will write all about things that I learn as a hobby such as Blogging, Writing, Book reviews, Canva, Kinemaster, Thai Language, Homeschooling kids, and also about Korean drama and movies, etc.

In this blog, I try to collect what I learn and share it with everyone. I hope someone can get useful information here.

This site is not Wikipedia, if you find some information that is not correct or obsolete, please contact me.

I also maintain and write several other blogs:

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