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Hi there, welcome to my site. My name is Risna Saragih but you can call me Rhin if it’s too hard to pronounce my name :).
I live in Chiang Mai, Thailand since 2007. I’m a housewife and an IT part timer who loves to crochet and knit as my hobby.

The previous title of this site is FYI stands for : For Your Information.

As time goes by, I decided to change the title to Buzzy CrocKnit
because, recently this site is full with my crochet and knit products. It does not mean I will not wrote other information about Latex and Thai Language anymore, I’m still busy doing those things too, it’s just I don’t have enough time to write everything I learned at this time yet.

I try to collect what I know here, and share it with everyone. I hope someone can get useful informations here. This is not a wikipedia, if you find some information that are not correct or obsolete, please contact me.

Thank You

Risna Saragih

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