Vest Finally Finished and Lessons Learned

Vest for Joe

I hope you don’t get bored with my vest project story. This is my first big project. I learned a lot of things while doing this project. After about 1 month waiting for the yarn, and a few in between projects while waiting. I decided to use the layette yarn that my friend Meiche sent from Singapore. Layette Yarn

I just want to make some notes to myself about lessons learned.

So if you don’t bother about it, just skip it to the end.


The first lesson is: make sure you have enough yarn before you start the project. Or make sure you have suitable yarn to mix and match in case you are running out of yarn!

The second lesson is: when you make the single crochet stitch around, and you have some vertical motif (fpdc or spike), you will end up with skew line. I wrote about this on my blog (in Indonesian Language, if you are English speaker I hope you can guess from the picture).

The third lesson is: I learned how to make crochet cable.

Vest Finish

The fourth lesson is: I learned to use row counter. For the first time I need to remember my row count. My husband made a freeware so I can have my own row counter on my phone.

The last but very important lesson is: I learned to have only 1 work in progress on my hook. I drop all of my previous WIP and tried to have only 1 project on my hook. I kind of enjoying doing it. I enjoyed every stitch that I made. You might think I enjoyed it because I make it for my Love. But I can say, it’s not only because of that.

When having only 1 WIP at one time, I realized that I was wrong all this year. I always want to make every project that I saw. I started but not finished because I have too many things that I want. I became greedy and exhausted and the result it’s not fun anymore. Sometimes I feel bored and don’t want to touch the hook at all. After doing this project I realized, crocheting is a hobby, and a hobby is something to enjoy not to make a burden in life. CAL or KAL is fine, as long as you don’t have too many CAL on the same time.

I learned to manage my projects on Ravelry. Well, I can have many queue, but I will only have 1 WIP at one time unless I run out of yarn and need to wait for a while (but not so long).

Detail Neck - Vest FinishAnyway, here what I did to solve the yarn problem. I decrease 4 rows from the front part of vest, and do 4 rows in the back of vest. I joined the vest with layette yarn with slip stitch. For the edging I used fpdc and sc every other sc.

If anyone want to know where I get the pattern is, click here.

I do crocheting as a hobby, so I will do it as long as I enjoy it. I hope you are enjoying your hobbies as I do.








7 responses to “Vest Finally Finished and Lessons Learned”

  1. lenny Avatar

    Done !! keren mba Risna πŸ˜€

  2. mei che Avatar

    let’s go to the next in Q πŸ™‚

  3. risna Avatar

    @Lenny: Thanks Len, you still work on yours or not yet started?

    @Mei che: too many in Q, suggestion please πŸ™‚

  4. Even Howard Avatar
    Even Howard

    This is beautiful! I’m so happy for you that you had success and could finish your wonderful vest. Thank you for sharing pictures πŸ™‚

  5. risna Avatar

    Thank you for the comment Even, I enjoyed making this vest so much, my husband also very happy using the vest.

  6. Naoko Avatar

    Hello risna,
    I’ve started the same project and just wanted to say ‘Hi.’
    Thank you for having photos up. It looks great. It’s very helpful too.

  7. Rejie1 Avatar

    I was wondering if you had how many stitches equaled an inch and how many rows would equal an inch?

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