FPDC stitch on Vest and Hat

I always love to crochet with fpdc(front post double crochet) stitch. That’s why I started the vest project for Joe. The vest pattern has hundreds of fpdc stitch, and I enjoyed every fpdc stitch that I made.

cimg4246At first, I started the vest project using some acrylic local yarns. After half way, I changed my mind. I worked in round with this local yarn, somehow the fpdc line is not straight anymore. Maybe my tension is not even, or maybe I didn’t follow the instructions correctly.

I bought some imported merino yarns. I bought 10 balls and later I bought 2 balls more. This time, I separate the front side and back side of vest to keep the line motif straight.

After about 1,5 months finally the vest is about to finish. But all those 12 balls of merino yarn is not enough for the vest.  All I need to finish is small amount of yarn for 8 rows of the back side of the vest and some more yarn to join the front and back side of vest to finish the vest.

8 rows difference new colour for combination?
need idea to finish Martine irrestringible

It is such a disaster (hyperbolic mode) when you are running out of yarn. I tried to go to the only imported yarn shop here, but they don’t have it anymore. Does anyone have this yarn in their stash who are willing to sell or trade with me?

I bought a new ball with closest color match to combine with, but I’m still not sure whether the combination of the colors match. What do you think about the other color?

Anyway, this post is not only about the vest. Since I feel so sad because I could not find the yarn to finish the vest, yet I still want to make more fpdc stitch so I made this hat in about 2 days.

FPDC Hat finished

I made this to ease the pain of unable to finish my vest immediately. First time I saw the hat in mbak Yanti blog. I know at that time I will definitely ask her for the pattern. And she told me to find the pattern in ravelry, and finally I found the pattern here.

Anyway, sorry if my posting have some hyperbolic-drama-things. But honestly, I feel sad. I want to finish the vest right away, since the cold season is coming in Chiang Mai. If you have the yarn that I need or some ideas, please let me know.






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  1. Melisa Sriwulandari Avatar

    Ah, rasanya enggak masalah. Pakai aja tuh benang yg warnanya mirip. Kalau buat a few rows at the top is ok kok. Bakalan tetep keren.

  2. Melisa Sriwulandari Avatar

    Oh ya btw gak mau join ringsurf?

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