MultiCounter for Knit and Crochet

MultiCounter on Symbian PhoneThe first time I used a counter while crocheting was when I made the vest. Since I don’t have a real counter, I borrowed my husband’s Ipod Touch so I can use the StitchMinder to write my row count.

Today, he made a multicounter application for my mobile phone. If you’re mobile using Symbian operating system (S603rd edition) and want to use this application, you can download the application from his website.

The good news is, it’s a freeware. Feel free to use it 🙂

Update: Java/MIDP/J2ME version is also available.
I requested my husband to make this application so it can be used on most hand held and today he finished the MultiCounter application for J2ME version. This version already tested on Nokia 7610, Nokia 9300, Sonny Ericsson P990i. This version support for device with touch screen, you can easily increase or decrease the number by touching the screen. For other handheld you can use the right and left keys.

You can download this version from his website and this version is a freeware too 🙂



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