Cable Hat and Beanie Hat

Until today, I still can not decide how to finish my vest. I’ll just leave it for a while and come back again after I know what to do with that. While I was doing the fpdc hat, I saw this cable hat from the same designer. I decided right away, this hat will be my next ‘cable’ project. The cable hat has fpdc and bpdc stitch.

Beannie boy hat

I started with the blue-white color yarn, but then the cable motif didn’t show with this kind of yarn. I ripped it off again and make a standard hat for about 2 hours. I only use dc stitch. And 2 rows of fpdc and bpdc for the hat’s edging.

This kind of yarn is my least favorite. I like blue and white colors, but this kind of yarn gave me headache when I have to count the stitches. I didn’t know that fact when I bought the yarn. I still have some balls of this yarn. Any idea what’s the best project to do with this kind of yarn?

Cable hat - half wayAnyway, I chose other plain color from my stash. I use local baby yarn and make it with 2 strands and use 5mm hook. I modified the original pattern. There are 2 patterns in the pattern web site, I make the first one with 12 dc to begin with. I tried to begin with 16dc, but the hat become curly and I don’t like it.

Cable Hat Finished

Wrong Side of Cable HatThis is how the cable hat looks like. Out of curiosity I take the picture of the wrong side of the cable hat. I think this can be 2 side hat. The bpdc become fpdc if we see from the wrong side. So maybe it’s not the wrong side at all 🙂 .

I spent almost 3 days to make this cable hat. I prefer to combine sc and fpdc to make crochet cable motif than fpdc and bpdc stitches. Doing bpdc stitches is not as fun as doing fpdc stitches.








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  1. grace Avatar

    wiih, kejar setoran jeng? Banyak amir topinya..lagi semangat ya…
    Anyway, good job, sisth’..

  2. risna Avatar

    hehe biar ga mikirin vest terus :p

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