Crochet: Rose and Love

Rose and love
I made this about 15 minutes before my lunch time and finished it before lunch time is over. I found the pattern from My Picot site before I started my previous flower. I thought this one would take more time than the first one, but it comes out that this is easier and even faster to do (with my speed which is still below average).

Before I made the flower shape, I try love shape. It looks great in the love shape too. In fact with the same pattern I can make 2 kinds of flower. I’ll make more flowers with this pattern. It’s an easy crocheted flower yet it is beautiful. You can try to make it as embellishment on your valentine gift 🙂 Hope it helps!






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  1. Dora Avatar

    Learning how to crochet and found your site very beautiful rose , can you email me and tell me how you sewed the rose to make it look so pretty , i need help and thanks for shareing your knowledge i went to the link but i dont understand how to do it ,

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