Crochet: Neck Warmer

Neck Warmer
My cousin asked me to make a shawl, but I refused and offer her neck warmer instead. I showed her this pattern and she agree to have neck warmer instead of a shawl. Honestly, I’m not sure I can finished another shawl since I’m not in the mood to do the repetition over and over for a (quite) long shawl. Another reason is, lately I realized I’m more into crochetting than knitting. The pattern looks so tempting and I just want to give it a try. The style make the user look fresh and not look like having a cold :P.

For me, crochet is a lot easier than knitting, and when I count some stitch wrong, I can ripped it off easily and continue to follow the pattern again. With knitting, it took me hours to repair 1 wrong count in previous row. Well maybe because I just begin learning how to knit a while ago, or maybe I’m just not so good in knitting.

Anyway, I made this neck warmer using some local yarn that I found here in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The yarn is acrylic 100%. Since she requested not to use too much colors, I just use 2 colors instead of 3 colors like suggested in the pattern. I hope this can make her feel warm enough.

By risna

a housewife who recently learns to knit and crochet, lives in Chiang Mai since 2007, so must learn Thai Language, and had some part time job to do documentation with LaTeX and welcoming for a new family member at the end of 2010

2 replies on “Crochet: Neck Warmer”

I am HER cousin. And I live in Singapore – why do I need something warm in this hot country? Hihihihi..
whenever you found any posting adressing My cousin which happens to be she/her, it might be me 😛
anyway, i’m proud to be this genious crochet-lady..
thanks sis:)
wooo… the plastic-whatdidyounameit.. i want it 😛

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