Baby Dress and Hat

Baby dress
This is the first baby dress that I made. I made it with local yarn that I found here in Chiang Mai. I will give this to my niece who is about 4 months old.

For the hat pattern, After using basic increase pattern for making hat, I just use shell stitch instead of double crochet. I had the problem to decide when to start the shell stitch. I don’t know how big is my niece head right now. I hope this hat will fit on her, not too big and not too small.

Another problem is to choose the suitable pattern for the dress. Some cute dress pattern is too difficult for me (at least I thought it’s not easy), some pattern is doesn’t have the right size. Most of the cute free pattern available is for newborn baby. I don’t know how to modify the size of the pattern yet. I changed my mind 3 times before I finally choose to modify a pattern from Cassie’s Creation. I modified the skirt area using shell stitch so it match with the hat.

Actually, this baby dress is not completely finished, I plan to add some accessories to make it more cute.

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