Neck Warmer from Bookmark Pattern

neckwarmer2-fold Another neck warmer for my cousin :). When she saw my new yarn treasure in my other blog (in Indonesia language), she pointed specific yarn to use to make her neck warmer (yes she requested for 2 neck warmers). The first one is finished and received safely by her (and she use it proudly šŸ™‚ ).

This second one is just finished after we came back from our travel ( I am just too lazy to upload it right away). neckwarmer1-notfold 

Inspired by Fenny and mbak Thata, my friends from DC groups, I used bookmark pattern designed by mbak Thata which I bought from craft and me few months ago and make it as neck warmer. I used the leaf motif with bulky yarn and for the edging I use Maroon viscose (the same yarn to make the side of my Valentine Bag).

Actually this is like a short shawl or whatever you would like to call it :), but the purpose is to make her feels warm yet stylish.

The picture here are only example how to use it, you can fold it or not fold it. Here I put the one side inside the hole between two leaves on the other side. The hole is just perfect to replace button hole, so I don’t need to put button on this neck warmer. Or you can add a little brooch or anything you like.

7 thoughts on “Neck Warmer from Bookmark Pattern

  1. cakep buanget ris…warnanya juga aku suka…aku paling suka sama pemilihan warnamu..selalu keren..

  2. Mbak Lina: yang milih warnanya itu yg mesen heheh šŸ™‚
    Linda: makasih yah, iya nih kompormu gimana udah panas lagi belum
    Mbak Yuli: iya mbak diselipin gitu ujungnya, jadi ga repot hehe
    Mbak Thata: makasih mbak, desain siapa dulu mbak, mbak kan šŸ™‚

  3. Mbak-mbak semuanya,
    iya.. sayang yang mesen..
    saya sepupunya yang mesen DUA
    (hiihi, meski tak tahu diri tapit tetep mesen :P)
    soalnya bagus sih šŸ˜€ tak ada duanya šŸ™‚

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