Crochet: Neck Warmer

Neck Warmer
My cousin asked me to make a shawl, but I refused and offer her neck warmer instead. I showed her this pattern and she agree to have neck warmer instead of a shawl. Honestly, I’m not sure I can finished another shawl since I’m not in the mood to do the repetition over and over for a (quite) long shawl. Another reason is, lately I realized I’m more into crochetting than knitting. The pattern looks so tempting and I just want to give it a try. The style make the user look fresh and not look like having a cold :P.

For me, crochet is a lot easier than knitting, and when I count some stitch wrong, I can ripped it off easily and continue to follow the pattern again. With knitting, it took me hours to repair 1 wrong count in previous row. Well maybe because I just begin learning how to knit a while ago, or maybe I’m just not so good in knitting.

Anyway, I made this neck warmer using some local yarn that I found here in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The yarn is acrylic 100%. Since she requested not to use too much colors, I just use 2 colors instead of 3 colors like suggested in the pattern. I hope this can make her feel warm enough.






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  1. Dea Avatar

    I am HER cousin. And I live in Singapore – why do I need something warm in this hot country? Hihihihi..
    whenever you found any posting adressing My cousin which happens to be she/her, it might be me 😛
    anyway, i’m proud to be this genious crochet-lady..
    thanks sis:)
    wooo… the plastic-whatdidyounameit.. i want it 😛

  2. […] she pointed specific yarn to use to make her neck warmer (yes she requested for 2 neck warmers). The first one is finished and received safely by her (and she use it proudly […]

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