Shawl Knit

WIP - KnitDo you still remember this work in progress that feels like forever will be WIP?  I remember I started to cast on around 2 years ago while I just started learn knitting. After a few drop stitches I gave up. I wanted to rip it off once, I felt the yarn colors are a little bit weird. But my laziness won, too lazy to rip it off. I changed my mind and just continue to knit it once a while and this is how it looks on June 2009.

Finally I did it. After almost 2 years, I cast it off and call it finished project. The shawl is not too wide but long enough. I am thinking to use it as a shrug-shawl.

shawl knit

I’m glad I didn’t rip it off years ago 🙂

shawl knit

Btw you can find the pattern from here:






2 responses to “Shawl Knit”

  1. dini Avatar

    mbak risna…biar lambat asal selamat ya..:))
    bagus euy shawlnya..keren !!!

    1. risna Avatar

      hehe iya Din, biar lambat asal selesai dan ga jadi WIP forever :D, makasih ya Dini 😀

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