New Doily in New Year 2010

I started this on December 2009, but since I have a new baking hobby (it always good to learn a new skill), I just finished it on this new year 2010.


pink doily patternI got the pattern from one of Thai magazines that I had for some time. The instructions are in Thai and in charts. I am still have a hard time to read Thai instruction, luckily the charts are easy to follow. I made this using Venus acrylic thread (Thai yarn) and crochet lace hook clover no. 2 (1.5mm).

Since the last few doilies, I found out blocking is important. So yesterday I block the doily and this afternoon the doily is ready to use in our living room. New year, new doily 🙂


I think I will need to sew a tablecloth using plain color fabric to make this table and doily looks even better.

So how about your first finished project in 2010?. Happy new year 2010.







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  1. Pinna Avatar

    Love this one….cantik sekali lho mbak…warnanya juga oke banget….

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