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  • Block your crochet piece!

    Dari awal merajut saya sudah sering dengar tentang blocking untuk finishing dari hasil rajutan. Blocking ini ada berbagai teknik, tapi teknik apapun itu saya malas melakukannya. Ada berbagai alasan saya untuk tidak melakukannya, tapi alasan utamanya terlalu malas hehe.

  • New Doily in New Year 2010

    New Doily in New Year 2010

    I started this on December 2009, but since I have a new baking hobby (it is always good to learn a new skill), I just finished it in this new year 2010. I got the pattern from one of the Thai magazines that I had for some time. The instructions are in Thai and in…

  • Crochet Along: Fan Doily

    Crochet Along: Fan Doily

    This is my first Crochet Along Project with Dynamic Crochet Group. In the 1st and 2nd circles, I did quite fast, but then I got slower in the 3rd circle. I finished it while I’m on my Christmas vacation. Actually, I have a little bit problem to start the 2nd and 3rd circles. I improvised…

  • Crochet: Flowers in Doily

    Crochet: Flowers in Doily

    A few days ago I bought this pattern from Mrs. Thata Pang. I never made any doily before so this is my first crocheted doily. When I almost finished, I noticed that my doily only have 7 flowers instead of 8 like in the picture on Thata’s site. It seems I don’t read the pattern…