Crocus Doily in Red

Crocus Doily

Finally I finished this doily. It took me months to made this. A lot of other things distracted me. I cannot remember when I really started this project, but I remember queued this doily on Ravelry since December last year. As this is an exchange doily (which I already received the exchanged since last year), the receiver request the red color for the doily. This is my first doily in color and it turns out red doily is more attractive than white doily. I hope my friend like this red doily.

Crocus DoilyAnyway, this also my first time using a very small thread crochet, I used hook steel number 8 (approximately 0.9 mm) from clover. The thread is acrylic from TM Soft, a local yarn from here. I used less than 1 ball of thread to make it. The diameter of the doily is ‘only’ 53 cm, it’s quite smaller than I expected, but lesson learned: use bigger kind of thread next time if you want to have bigger doily.

Crocus Doily

I almost forgot, if you are interested with the pattern, you can check the pattern here. This doily use triple crochet and I became addicted to triple crochet. The instruction is a little bit hard to follow in the beginning, but finally I got it. A few first round my doily get ruffled, and after it finished this doily definitely need blocking. I don’t have any solution to block or make it stiff so I just washed it using warm water and pin around the edge to a soft board and let it dry overnight. The blocking part make it flattened and I hope it will still flat when it arrived at my friend’s home (otherwise she have to do the blocking part again)






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