Crocheted Shawl Finally Finish

crocheted shawl close up

After more than a year as WIP, finally I finished this crocheted shawl. What can I say, I’m too lazy to do any craft recently.

crocheted shawl 3

crocheted shawl

I feel relieved, because I thought I will never finish this shawl with my very slow speed. I hope my dear friend will be happy with this very late gift 😀

Now I’m ready to finish another work in progress (I hope the laziness will not come back soon).

2 thoughts on “Crocheted Shawl Finally Finish

  1. hi karyanya keren2 bisa bermanfaat pula, aq suka buat kristik tapi ga ada yg bermanfaat hanya jadi hiasan dinding, mampir dong ke blogku ketik ; kristik yuk di google trus pilih, thanks

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