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february squaresMy sewing machines has been distracted me from my hooks and yarns, but I’m glad I joined a group crochet block a month cal in ravelry. I made these squares in the January and February. Actually the rule of the group only ask to choose 1 square per month, but since all the offers looks good, I chose all the choices.

Mandala - 12 Inch SquareJoined this group teach me one thing: from the same pattern you can get many beautiful results with playing with the colors. Changing yarns was painful for me in the past, but after seeing the result of how the colors change the appearance of the patterns I became addicted in changing yarn colors.

one heart squarecenter heartTwo-tone squareDiana Squares

Esther 12 What will I made from these squares? well I don’t know for sure now, just wait and see until I have enough squares. In the meantime I have plenty of time to play with my sewing machine 🙂






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    hi this is jane from dons list,wht a wonderful life you have so they have paper patterns where you live? I am a patterncutter but I just love ethnic clothing and want to learn how to make clothes from other cultures
    love jane

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