Sewing Experiments

Joe in his PajamasAfter my first trial with quilting, I thought I need to make something easier than quilting. It was fun to do quilt project, but I don’t want to spend hours with the sewing machine just to cut and sew some fabrics. Joe and I need new pajamas, so I decided to make pajamas for us. The good thing about sewing pajamas is no one will see you if the line on your pajama isn’t neat enough 🙂 .

Basically making the trousers for pajamas is very easy, I just need half day to make the trousers. The blouse is harder than the trousers. The hardest part is on the neck. I made two pairs of pajamas (one for me and one for Joe). The differences between my pajamas and Joe’s are on the neck and the number of the buttons. I didn’t take any pictures in the process of making them, I will make them next time.

Bukan Kembar!detail leher dan kancing

When I bought the machine, they said they have the teacher who can speak some English, but in practice the teacher always speak Thai. On the second thought: I only knew very limited terminologies about Sewing in English or Indonesian words, so it would make no difference if I just learn the Thai words :). The experience of learning Thai language and live in Thai for more than 1,5 years help me a lot in communicating with the teachers and with some other new friends there.

Anyway after the pajamas projects are done, I became a little bit ambitious :D.celana panjang tampak samping I’ve been wearing skirts recently, all of my pants have their own problem that force me not to use them. I thought: why don’t make a new one?. Again with the help from the teachers, this is how the pants looks like.

Making this pants is not as easy as the trousers for pajamas. The zipper, the pockets and the waist make it more difficult. But I will not give up,  I will make a pair of pants for Joe as the next project :).

zipper dan kancingcelana panjang tampak depan






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    abis itu jangan lupa buatin gue juga yaaaa

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    Thank you for using ELVIRA Sewing Machine.
    We hope to see you again in Thailand.

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