Crochet Along: Fan Doily

This is my first Crochet Along Project with Dynamic Crochet Group. In the 1st and 2nd circles, I did quite fast, but then I got slower in the 3rd circle. I finished it while I’m on my Christmas vacation.

Actually, I have a little bit problem to start the 2nd and 3rd circles. I improvised to start the 2nd circle and have some clues from other members and try it on the 3rd circle. I was still confused about how to join the last circle and again I just improvised.

I feel my work is still untidy and the finished project looks curly here and there. Maybe because of the yarn or maybe because I didn’t count the chain as instructed. Anyway, I’m glad I finished it, at least now I have more experience in crochet.


My husband said, it seems I crochet faster than knit, maybe because I still have not finished knitting his scarf which I started before I made this doily. Somehow doing something along with the group make me feel want to finish the project as soon as possible. Thank you to all dynamic crochet group members :).







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  1. linda Avatar

    cantik banget mbak 😉

  2. […] doily is a little bit bigger than my fan doily, the diameter of finished project is 55 cm while the fan doily diameter is only 50 […]

  3. […] Ini foto doilynya sebelumnya (sayangnya saya ga punya versi foto bagusnya untuk doily sebelum blocking yang sudah jadi, ini masih belum jadi sih, ada foto yang kurang bagusnya liat posting sebelumnya di sini) […]

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