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  • Another Work-In-Progress Finished

    I started this project on September last year, after quite some time I didn’t play with my hook. I thought I will stay with my hook, but I was wrong. These last 3 days, I was in the good mood in crocheting. Finally another work-in-progress from last year is finished. The Mystery Crochet Along was […]

  • Crocheted Shawl Finally Finish

    After more than a year as WIP, finally I finished this crocheted shawl. What can I say, I’m too lazy to do any craft recently. I feel relieved, because I thought I will never finish this shawl with my very slow speed. I hope my dear friend will be happy with this very late gift […]

  • Crochet bukan sekedar merenda

    Saya ingin menyatakan bahwa kata kata merenda tidak tepat untuk crochet, karena akan menimbulkan kerancuan baru terhadap merenda kerawang. Alasan saya: KBBI tidak mencantumkan bahwa rajut itu knit dan renda itu crochet. Kalaupun ada penjelasan perajut menggunakan sepasang kawat lurus, perlu diperhatikan knit tidak semata-mata menggunakan sepasang kawat lurus, terkadang bisa menggunakan 4 jarum, atau […]

  • Block your crochet piece!

    Dari awal merajut saya sudah sering dengar tentang blocking untuk finishing dari hasil rajutan. Blocking ini ada berbagai teknik, tapi teknik apapun itu saya malas melakukannya. Ada berbagai alasan saya untuk tidak melakukannya, tapi alasan utamanya terlalu malas hehe.

  • New Doily in New Year 2010

    I started this on December 2009, but since I have a new baking hobby (it always good to learn a new skill), I just finished it on this new year 2010.

  • Baby Granny Jacket

    The problem with having more than 1 blog and a few social networking to maintain is, sometimes you forgot what  you published or not published yet. Well some of you might still remember I post about this socks in my previous post. I manage to made a granny jacket with the same color. This baby […]

  • Cuddly Creatures

    I cannot stop making more amigurumi. I made more koalas and penguins from cuddly crochet creatures patterns. I once wonder why people like to make this amigurumi things? I ignored all the beauty of amigurumi, but now…I don’t know how to stop and I even don’t want to crochet other project than amigurumi. The good […]

  • More Amigurumi and Quilt Projects

    Recently I don’t have a lot of time to do crafts. Amigurumi is still the best choice for me. It’s quick and there’s no need to be perfect in following the pattern. It also don’t need huge amount of yarn. I can use my extra yarns and when I don’t have the instructed color I […]

  • My first Amigurumi

    I never thought I will try some amigurumi crochet until I saw a lady in the coffee shop in our office building who make different dolls everyday. I remember there are some amigurumi patterns in Thai magazine that I buy every month. So I chose the pattern that I thought will be easy enough for […]