More Amigurumi and Quilt Projects

Penguin AmigurumiRecently I don’t have a lot of time to do crafts. Amigurumi is still the best choice for me. It’s quick and there’s no need to be perfect in following the pattern. It also don’t need huge amount of yarn. I can use my extra yarns and when I don’t have the instructed color I can always replace it with what I have in my stash.


I made the penguin with the pattern from Lion Brand website. I used some acrylic yarn that I bought from local market here in Chiang Mai. Koala Amigurumi

For making the koala, I got the pattern from here. I made this in few hours while watching tv series. This is even faster than the penguin since I used bigger yarn for the koala. In fact, making the koala is the fastest one so far.

Another project that I did last week is quilting. After almost a year, I finally  made a cover for my sewing machine. I bought the walking foot several months a go, but I have no chance to use it until this month.

For a few months Elvira (the sewing machine store) have various programs. I only can come there once a week because of my work, and lucky me last week the program was making the sewing machine cover. I started at 9 am and at 5 pm it was almost finished. The teachers there are always helpful. They helped me to sew the hard part. I don’t think I can finish it in a day if I have to make it all by myself. I need more practice with my sewing machine.

Walking footSewing Machine's Cover



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3 responses to “More Amigurumi and Quilt Projects”

  1. Ana Avatar

    Is there any web site for Elvira in THailand where they offer information and projects in english…? I recently purchased an Elvira Innova, however I can only find Thai Language Web site over the internet here in Thailand.

    I live in THailand, but I can not read Thai 🙁
    Any help and suggestions would be most appreciated.


    1. risna Avatar

      Hi Ana, I only know this site:, and yes the site is in Thai. With a little help from you can read it (even the translation is confusing sometimes ). In which part of Thailand do you live? They usually gave free class for 2 years, the teacher understand English but they will speak Thai most of the time. I bought my machine for a year now, and they taught me many projects. It’s worth to check the class in your area.

  2. carmen Avatar


    i live near the BTS Phrakhanong area. any info on where can i avail of the free classes? just got my elvira swettie a few days ago but still it is unpacked.


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