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Tunisian Crochet: Entrelac bag

Entrelac Bag
It’s been a while since I posted my last finished project. Actually this bag was finished a few weeks ago, but I was very lazy to edit the picture or to upload this one. I have another finished project beside this one, but I will write in separate post.

I bought this pattern from mrs. Thata, after finished with Tunisian Round potholder. Right now this pattern is also available at Craft and Me.

I don’t feel satisfied with my work. My work was still untidy and made this bag look messy :(. Another problem was because I used unbalanced weight of yarns. The black one is cotton, I work in double strand (because if I work in single strand it will be too thin), and the mixed colour one is bulky cotton thread 8 ply. I still want to do this pattern again after my new yarns come. But I got my lesson now, hope I can make it better next time.

By risna

a housewife who recently learns to knit and crochet, lives in Chiang Mai since 2007, so must learn Thai Language, and had some part time job to do documentation with LaTeX and welcoming for a new family member at the end of 2010

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