Tunisian Round Potholder

Tunisian Round Potholder
Tunisian crochet is a new thing for me. I heard about this several times, but since I didn’t have the needle I never think to tried it.

Actually tunisian is a type of crochet, using the hook like in crochet but usually the needle is longer than the crochet hook. A few days ago, our group’s moderator show us her work with tunisian, but it’s not an usual tunisian. She made the tunisian in a round and also made a beautiful bag with entrelac tunisian which tempted me to give it a try.

I don’t have the special tunisian needle yet, but because of my eagerness to try, I just use my 13 cm double sided crochet hook number 5/6 using cotton thread 8 ply that I bought from Craft&Me and mixed with some blue colour left over yarn and the finished project diameter is 14 cm.

If you are also interested to learn tunisian, you can read an introduction to tunisian crochet from crochet me and stitch diva.

These YouTube videos also helped me to start.

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