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I’ve been using Mozilla Firefox browser since I knew Joe. And even there were time when Firefox always made my Windows crashed on start up when it’s conflicts with my anti virus, or when Firefox still cannot display Google Documents I still prefer this browser compared to others. Okay, this post is not about Firefox itself, but how I use this browser related to my hobby.

firefox add-ons


I use several Firefox add-ons as you can see in the picture above. These are just some of the add-ons I use. I just reinstalled my computer and I just add some of the add-ons to my browser.

I use printpdf to print free crochet pattern to PDF. The AnniesAttic site changes it’s free pattern everyday so if I want to keep the pattern instead of save the html file, I converted it to PDF. When I found a pattern that I plan to make, I also convert it to PDF so I can have the copy of the pattern just in case the site is down or they remove the pattern in the future. I think, the best way to keep my pattern is by converting it to PDF. And with this add-ons, you can do that with 1 click.

I use Google Bookmarks Button to bookmark some site that I want to visit again. Sometimes I work on different machines, I keep the bookmark online so I will always have my bookmark from any machine I use. When I want to add any site to my google bookmark, it’s also 1 click away, it’s very convenient.

I use FoxLingo to translate some pages to English. Too bad they still don’t have Thai translation :(, but they have Japan and Mandarin Translation to English.

I use Fast Video Download to keep some crochet/knit video tutorial from YouTube. The file extension is FLV, they provide the player to play the FLV files, but sometimes I use VLC to play FLV file.

Actually all those add-ons are not only useful for my crochet/knitting project hobby but also for my work, I just use my hobby for my example here.



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4 responses to “Firefox Add-ons”

  1. Yuliazmi Avatar

    Hohoho… I use PDF download instead of PrintPDF…
    downloadhelper to grap video
    and more more add-ons to enrich my FF 😀

  2. Risna Avatar

    Mbak Yul, emang ada banyak add-ons yang fungsinya sama. Kadang saya milihnya random, tapi ternyata sudah cukup untuk kebutuhan, jadi ya diterusin aja hehe… ayo bikin versi mbak Yuli biar aku bisa nambahin ke FF ku.

  3. Yuliazmi Avatar

    Aku dah bikin tahun lalu Ris, nih linknya:

    Beberapa siy memang ada yang gak kupakai lagi dan ada beberapa yang baru. Nanti kalau sempet bikin lagi kali ya.

  4. okta sihotang Avatar

    wagh..mantep uey..

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