Reading Crochet Pattern in DC Group

risna-dc-pattern1 Since last week, our DC Group have a reading crochet pattern lesson to training the members to read the crochet text pattern.

Mpattern3ost of the members always avoid the crochet text pattern, because they are so get used with pattern with graph symbol crochet and also they are get used to play with their imagination when they do the crochet.


Our moderator mbak Thata wanted to improve everyone in the group who wants to practice reading crochet text pattern. So they are not only good in produce something based on their imagination only, but maybe someday they can share and write their own design in text pattern.


Well, actually reading the crochet text pattern is not difficult, but for some people seeing the graph pattern is much more easier than reading text pattern. For me, personally, when I comeback to this craft world, I learn to read both kind of pattern with helps from Internet resources by myself. I am not very good on reading pattern yet, but I can say I can read the pattern already.

sampingThe challenge for me is to spend my time reading the abundance information that I found from Internet. I would not say I can do all kind of stitches in crochet, but I can say, each time I fall in love with any pattern and want to make it, I’ll just go for it no matter the pattern is text or graph. If I don’t know about the crochet abbreviation in the pattern, I’ll just Google it.tutuptempatsendok

Even though I can read the text pattern already, Mbak Thata allowed me to join this program, but my role is not as "student" but as "assistant", what an honor to me considering I just started to crochet again compared to my other friends 🙂 . And you can see in this page what lesson do we learned until today.

Here are some of the tutorial sites that I found useful to understand the crochet pattern:

And if you are a kind of person who need to see the video to understand something, just go to You Tube and search for "crochet" as the keyword. And here are some of the sites that I recommend for you to visit

The last one is my favorite. She uploaded many crochet instruction videos to you tube. I learned a lot from her videos.

So far, I can see how my friends in DC group started enjoying reading the crochet pattern. No one avoid text pattern anymore even though the reading pattern class is not finish yet.

If you want to see my friends result, you can take a look here, here and here.







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  1. linda Avatar

    makasih mbak dah diingetin 😉
    *aku padamu* 😀

  2. kat T. Avatar
    kat T.

    lol…i didnt realize that there were people who cannot read texted instruction and only rely on a graph…..i my self cannot read a graph…lol…..i look at it an my eyes cross…..when i read it i can step by step creat….i must say i find your comment about using your inagination as you creat while using text instructions…..all my friend revel at the fact that i can make things with no pattern at all, just an idea in my head…so i guess that part is true, learning how to read text patterns really does help you create from your mind…

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