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Bullets Style

Bullet in Lyx
I get bored with the default bullets style. I found out there are many other styles we can choose for our bullets. From Lyx, just go to menu Documents – Settings…, and choose the Bullets section.

If you don’t use LyX, here the TeX code, dont forget to usepackage pifont.sty to make this code work on your documents :

or, if you only want to change one list (not for the whole document), try this one:

\item The first item
\item The second item
\item The third etc \ldots

You can see the documentation here. Or look at this table (click to enlarge image)

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a housewife who recently learns to knit and crochet, lives in Chiang Mai since 2007, so must learn Thai Language, and had some part time job to do documentation with LaTeX and welcoming for a new family member at the end of 2010

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