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Cross Referencing in TOC

I’ve been searching for a while, how to make my table of contents have a clickable links in my pdf output. Today I found out, it is very easy, and only need hyperref package. This package only works for pdf output (I tried to postscript output, and when it converted to pdf, the table of content didn’t have links)

Here is how to make it, add in Latex Preamble:

\usepackage {hyperref}

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Bullets Style

Bullet in Lyx
I get bored with the default bullets style. I found out there are many other styles we can choose for our bullets. From Lyx, just go to menu Documents – Settings…, and choose the Bullets section.

If you don’t use LyX, here the TeX code, dont forget to usepackage pifont.sty to make this code work on your documents :

or, if you only want to change one list (not for the whole document), try this one:
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Numbering for Tables, Figures and Equation

I have too many tables, figures and equation in my document. The default caption numbering is always increasing (so if I have 100 figures, then I would have caption Figures – 100). I want to restart numbering for each section so I can recognize which section the figures belong to.

Here how I change it.

In Latex Preamble (Or from LyX go to menu Document – Settings.. in tab Latex Preamble)

\renewcommand{\thetable}{\arabic{section}.\arabic{table} }

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