Page Numbering on TeX

I learn to write documentation with LyX and LaTeX recently. I will write some notes here to remind me of what I have learned. I will add some document example later on.

To make comment:

% this is comment

to ignore/eliminate page numbers (all pages):
\pagestyle {empty}

to eliminate page numbers on certain page (for one page only):
\thispagestyle {empty}

to break to new page:

If you want to continue giving numbers on the rest of document, after the newpage,
\setcounter{page}{start_page_number} %replace the start_page_number with number you want your page start

Usually for the Table of Contents page, you use roman numbering style like (i), (ii) etc, change the style number with:
\renewcommand \thepage{\roman{page}}
or if you want to make it use arabic again like 1,3,5, etc.:
\renewcommand \thepage{\arabic{page}}

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