Coasters using Mali Dokmai Stitch

mali dokmai coasters

Yesterday one of the Crochet Partners members asked about Thai Crochet Stitch. I remember that I learned that stitch from my masseuse.

But I just realized that the shape of the flower was different. The one that was uploaded in Crochet Partners has 4 rays while the one that I learned before has 6 rays.

I tried to find words to explain how to do this stitch, but I can not write it in good English. So I uploaded and add some annotations to the video that I recorded months ago to youtube.

Mali Dokmai Stitch

Since I don’t plan to make something big with this stitch, I ended up making these 2 coasters with 4 rays and 6 rays variation. If only I can describe it in good words, I will try to write the patterns.

6 thoughts on “Coasters using Mali Dokmai Stitch

  1. Melisa: itu tuh emang agak gelap videonya, mo bikin lagi versi sendiri tapi masi agak malas ngedit hehe, tar aku kabarin klo dah jadi bikin plus patternnya. Hopefully this weekend

  2. If you can get the right words that would be wonderful. This is a beautiful stitch and I would love to put it in a scarf for Christmas presents. do you think that would look good?

  3. Thanks for responding and you are so right, I think the scarf will be beautiful. one problem though, how do you start? how many chain stitches are needed for one flower? I am sorry to be a bother, but, i have only been crocheting for a short time and need a little more instruction. thanks for all the help you have given mye

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