Hand Bag For My Friend

tas-fpdc-ilusi-hhdc Last week, I made another hand bag. I made this bag as a birthday gift for my friend Shari. When I decided to made this bag, the bag has a different design. Our DC group has a new Crochet along project, making a bag with fpdc and bpdc stitches. But since I have limited stock of yarn and those stitches consume a lot of yarn, in the middle of making it, I made a little bit changes here and there.


I always want to learn the illusion technic from Mbak Thata Pang. I bought her beannie-hat pattern months ago, but I never had a chance to try it. The same illusion technic is written more clearly on her second book, that fortunately had arrived safely at my home. So, I tried it with my other colors yarn. I asked some advices from my friends in group, and they gave me some inputs that bring me to this design.

Finishing a bag, like making the handle is not my favorite things to do. At first I plan to use leather handle. But I can not find the leather handle that is suitable for this bag. And I thought I will make another handle like the bag for my teacher, but in the middle of making the handle, my friend Katrin asked about Hhdc stitch (Herringbone Half Double Crochet) in one of our conference chat. I remember just about a few days before someone in Crochet Partners Mailing List asked about this stitch. It made me changed my mind again and try to made the handle with 4 rows of hhdc stitch as Grace suggested. If you want to know how to make hhdc stitch, you can see it here. handle-details

And in the middle of making the handle bag with hhdc, I see the texture, and I thought how about if I fold 4 rows of hhdc with reverse stitch, and when I did it, I feel this is what I want. I didn’t fold the whole part of the handle in the part where I attached the handle to the body of bag.

I, myself very happy with the result. I involved many of my friends when designing this bag. And I also asked my husband what is his opinion about the bag. I just did not know before that I solved the limited yarn stock, learning illusion technic, learning hhdc stitch, and I can finish the bag in time. I hope you are happy with my hand made Mommy Shari. Happy belated birthday to you Mom Shari.






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  1. rotyyu Avatar


    Horas bah….
    Salam kenal saja lah….

  2. Manik Avatar

    itu tas keknya cocok dipake ke Pajak ato ke gereja? 😀

  3. Mart.Strauss Avatar

    Semoga sentuhan kreatifitasnya memberkati dan memberdayakan bgs Thailand. Sangat boleh itu, saya suka sekali yg begitu.

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