Slippers with Spike Stitch

slipper1 This is the first crocheted slippers that I made. I’m not so good in making slippers, counting the stitches in a round gave me headache. Choosing the pattern is also not easy (I’m not a designer) . There are many free patterns of crochet slippers I found, but I just can’t find the one that I want.

I want a simple and easy to make, but the sole and the side should use different colours so it will look like real slippers. Finally, after spending hours browsing the free patterns. I chose the patern from here. And as usual, I modified the pattern in the middle of making it ๐Ÿ™‚ .

slipper2I made this slippers using a thick yarn that I found in local market in Chiang Mai, I made with 2 strands of it. For the sole part, I used almost 1 ball of black yarn each, and for the side and the top of slippers I used 1 ball of maroon yarn for each foot. I decided to stop following the pattern when 1 ball of my maroon yarn almost finished while making the side of the slippers.

To make the slippers look different, I made the edging using yarn that I bought from CnM. I used spike stitch and reverse stitch (my favourite stitch for edging).

I will give this slippers to my friend Shari, this is another present for her. I hope this will fit on her ๐Ÿ™‚ .






5 responses to “Slippers with Spike Stitch”

  1. ririk Avatar

    hi mbak risna, bagus banget slipernya. Apa kabarnya mbak

  2. Risna Avatar

    hai ririk, makasih pujiannya ๐Ÿ™‚ kabarnya baik cuma lagi malas ngeblog hihi..

  3. Ira Avatar

    wah, bagus mba slippernya ^^ Dari dulu aku pengen bikin sih, tapi kayanya rasa malesnya yang menang nih ^^;;

    benangnya kaya benang katun indonesia ga mba?

  4. risna Avatar

    Ira, itu aku pake benangnya bukan benang katun tapi benang acrylic yg ketemu di pasar lokal sini. Coba cari benang yang tebal aja, kalau kurang tebal di lapis 2 sekali jalan. Ayo di coba.

  5. lenny Avatar

    Hi mba Risna, pa kabar?
    Happy belated birthday ya.. ๐Ÿ˜€
    wish u all the best *_*

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