Dutchman’s Puzzle Quilt Block

The example : Dutcman's puzzleToday I learned to sew dutchman’s puzzle quilt. I took some pictures while making it.

This is the example that was provided by the teacher. I have to make  8 big triangles and 16 small triangles and assembled it into one big square.

Example and my result

This is how my result compared to the example. My result is still far from perfect. I need more practice on quilting.

I shared the pictures and tried to make a simple tutorial here.

I have to choose 4 different motifs, and it took me a while since I’m still inexperienced to mix and match fabrics.

cotton fabrics for quiltingstep 1

After cutting 8 big triangles and 16 small triangles with rotary cutter, I started to join the left small triangle with the big triangle.

step 1a - sew the big and the small trianglestep 1b - iron

After sewing I need to iron the back of the fabrics. Iron to the darker fabrics direction.

rectangle from 3 triangle -part 1rectangle from 3 triangle - part 2step 2 - join the next small trianglestep 2b- sew the small triangle

Continue with the right small triangle and after that I had 2 small rectangles.

step 2b- sew the small triangle2b - ironcut the cornersstep 3a - sew the rectangles

On the next step I need to join the small rectangles to make a small square. I have to make sure the top of triangle is not overlapped. I checked before starting to sew and use pins to help me.

step 3 - join the rectanglesstep 3b - ironsquare from 2 rectanglestep 4 - make 4 square like this

I need to make 4 small squares.I joined the 2 small squares and at the end join the 2 big rectangles as 1 big squares

step 5 - join 2 squaresstep 6 - join the big rectangles

For the last step, I start to sew from the middle of the rectangles to the right and left side, to make sure the triangle in the middle is still triangle and not something else ^_^

My resultI finished 2 dutchman’s puzzle quilting block today, but I still don’t know what will I make from those blocks. Any ideas?.

Anyway, you can find more references on this and this site.

Happy quilting ^_^






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