Category: quilt, sewing

  • Dutchman’s Puzzle Quilt Block

    Today I learned to sew dutchman’s puzzle quilt. I took some pictures while making it. This is the example that was provided by the teacher. I have to make  8 big triangles and 16 small triangles and assembled it into one big square. This is how my result compared to the example. My result is […]

  • More Amigurumi and Quilt Projects

    Recently I don’t have a lot of time to do crafts. Amigurumi is still the best choice for me. It’s quick and there’s no need to be perfect in following the pattern. It also don’t need huge amount of yarn. I can use my extra yarns and when I don’t have the instructed color I […]

  • More on Sewing Experiments

    The problem with many hobbies with limited time is I always wanted to make things but sometimes I don’t have the time to finish it immediately nor to update it on my blog. Well I don’t want to give too many excuses for my laziness to update my blog.

  • New Hobby on 2009

    I never thought my self as a someone who will do handcrafts. My sense of art is just so so, but yet recently I found myself enjoying doing some handcrafts. Since I started knitting I also started crocheting, and since then I always have so many things that I  want to do, slowly but surely […]