Jul 14

Few months ago, my friends from Dinamic Crochet Group asked me to be involved in the charity group based on squares crochet/knit. The idea is, mbak Thata made the pattern and everyone can get the pattern for free as long as they sent 2 squares in return to the group. Then we have 2 people who will assemble the squares into the final products. We will give the products to others who need it.

At first, we planned to make blankets. But since blankets need many squares then we changed our mind to make scarves. From the squares that we received on the first months, we made 4 scarves.

I sent 2 squares to Indonesia and my friend Katrien over there assembled it in to the scarf.
Before we have the opportunity to deliver the scarves, we were introduced to a Free elementary school in Bandung. This school is provided for the students whose parents cannot afford to pay the school fee. risna

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Jul 07

I’ve been using Mozilla Firefox browser since I knew Joe. And even there were time when Firefox always made my Windows crashed on start up when it’s conflicts with my anti virus, or when Firefox still cannot display Google Documents I still prefer this browser compared to others. Okay, this post is not about Firefox itself, but how I use this browser related to my hobby.

firefox add-ons


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Jun 23

risna-dc-pattern1 Since last week, our DC Group have a reading crochet pattern lesson to training the members to read the crochet text pattern.

Mpattern3ost of the members always avoid the crochet text pattern, because they are so get used with pattern with graph symbol crochet and also they are get used to play with their imagination when they do the crochet.

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Jun 21

benang1 I don’t have any yarn winder neither umbrella swift. On the first time I bought the yarn not as a ball, at first, I just tried to roll it with patient manually, but ended up it knotting up. When I shared my problem in rolling the yarn, my friends from DC group told me the easy way using whatever I have around my home.

Here what I did:

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Mar 23

Compiled from many sources…

AFAIK = As Far As I Know
BTW = By The Way
CMIIW = Correct Me If I’m Wrong
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Mar 01

Ini salah satu produk yang menjadi bagian kisah pacaran sebelum menikah sampai setelah menikah. Mulai dari mengembangkan khusus untuk s60 dengan modal Nokia 3650, sampai akhirnya bisa memporting bible reader PalmBible untuk versi-versi symbian lainnya. Silakan kunjungi situs Symbian Bible untuk mendownload versi yang tepat untuk HP Symbian Anda.

Mar 01

Suami saya selain mengembangkan program symbian, saat ini juga mengumpulkan daftar freeware untuk hp Nokia E61 nya yang menggunakan s60 3rd edition. Barangkali Anda juga pengguna symbian s60 3rd edition yang ingin menambahkan koleksi aplikasi Anda. Silakan mengunjungi blognya s603rd edition freeware.