Oct 12

Crocheted BearI never thought I will try some amigurumi crochet until I saw a lady in the coffee shop in our office building who make different dolls everyday.

I remember there are some amigurumi patterns in Thai magazine that I buy every month. So I chose the pattern that I thought will be easy enough for me and it surprised me I can do that in a short time.

Making the body parts is easy, to put it together is harder than to crochet the parts. My work is not quite neat yet, and it made me want to make another one short after I finished the bear.

Crocheted Bunny - ready to joinCrocheted Bunny finished

I picked the bunny for my next project. The pattern still from the same magazine. I can do this while I’m watching some tv  series. I think I will make more amigurumi for a while.

Sep 15

Many things happened in my life in the past few months. I made baby socks and follow the mystery scarf CAL to get back to my hooks and yarns.

For the baby socks pattern I got from my friend who got it from free pattern somewhere.

Baby Socks

Baby Socks

More info about the mystery scarf crochet along is on goggle groups.

Mystery Scarf Stage 1

Mystery Scarf Stage 1

Mystery Scarf  Stage 2

Mystery Scarf Stage 2

It feels good to be back :-), can’t wait for the next stage of the mystery scarf CAL.

Jul 10

Since I fell in love with needle and yarn, I’ve been wanting to have a store with many yarns and needles in it.. Well.. finally I started an online shop with my friend. Our main target customers is in Indonesia. My Friend is also a yarn lover, she started playing with needle and yarn almost at the same time with me.


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Jul 07

coasters with thai stitch

Yesterday one of the Crochet Partners member asked about Thai Crochet Stitch. I remember  that I learned that stitch from my masseuse. But I just realized that the shape of the flower was different. The one that was uploaded in Crochet Partners have 4 rays while the one that I learned before has 6 rays.

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Apr 26

Crocus Doily

Finally I finished this doily. It took me months to made this. A lot of other things distracted me. I cannot remember when I really started this project, but I remember queued this doily on Ravelry since December last year. As this is an exchange doily (which I already received the exchanged since last year), the receiver request the red color for the doily. This is my first doily in color and it turns out red doily is more attractive than white doily. I hope my friend like this red doily.

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Mar 17

february squaresMy sewing machines has been distracted me from my hooks and yarns, but I’m glad I joined a group crochet block a month cal in ravelry. I made these squares in the January and February. Actually the rule of the group only ask to choose 1 square per month, but since all the offers looks good, I chose all the choices.

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Feb 25

These yarns came along with Joe’s family from Indonesia. I bought them last year from several places in Indonesia and also from Singapore – online and offline. Many of my friends and also Joe’s family involved to make it landed on my yarn closet.

These are from Spotlight Singapore (Thanks to Meiche and Vivin).

moda vera sentimentsbenang jalan-jalan

These are from Tobucil Bandung, thanks to Aris

benang tobucil tampak atasbenang tobucil

These are from HouseOfYarn – Thanks to Katrien

katun kilap katrinkatun kilap

These are from several places. Thanks to Grace who gathered it so it is easier to carry. And also big thanks to Yosi who bring it all the way from Bandung to Depok and finally toThailand.

benang tampak sampingBerbagai benang lokal

And these how my yarn closet looks like recently. Still not too much eh? Winking

Stash per February 2009

And now I have to arrange my ‘free’ time to make all these yarns into something useful (and beautiful) in between my new sewing hobby and my watching TV series habit.

Life is awesome!!!

Jan 04

First of all, I would like to greet all of you with Happy New Year 2009.

This year I decided to practice my knit again. If it wasn’t because I wanted to learn how to knit, I don’t think I will find my passion in crocheting. The reason I learn to knit again is because each time I see knit wearable patterns I always want to be able to make it. It just I’m not patient enough to deal with drop stitches and when there’s a miscount in pattern, it’s harder to undo the mistake compared to crochet.

Smock Dishcloth with yarn and needleSmock Dishcloth - WS

Anyway, before new year, we moved to the new unit and I need more dishcloths, coasters and hot pad. So, this is a good reason to try to make them (knit or crochet).

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