Knitted Bobble Scarf

Booble Scarf Knit

New StashFinally, I started to knit again. My friend shared some knit patterns on her facebook and I can’t resist the temptation to knit again.

I need a new scarf, not a thick one but warm and have style to use at the office. I decide to learn new things this time.

I choose this pattern and  the Moda Dea Puff yarn from my stashes and use clover circular knit needles number 12 to knit it.

Booble Scarf Knit

While doing this scarf, I learned bobble stitch and realize there are more than 1 kind of bobble stitch in knitting. After browse around youtube, finally I found the one that is suitable with the pattern.

The pattern is very easy to follow. I feel bobble stitch is not as hard as I imagined before. Apparently knit 2 together is harder than bobble stitch.

The yarn texture that I chose might not show the bobble stitch clearly, but I feel it’s just as what I wanted. I can ignore any drop stitches because the yarn texture hid any ‘mistakes’ I made.

I embed the video from you tube (posted by Gingerly4it) here for any of you who wants to learn one variant of bobble stitch.







2 responses to “Knitted Bobble Scarf”

  1. judy kelley Avatar

    Thank you!! You were so precise I followed every stitch to make the bobble. I learned to Knit/Pearl about the age of 13. I really did nothing with knitting until about a year ago at age 67. I am loving it. I especially love U tube to teach me stitches the patterns call for that I didn’t even know existed.. How I wish more young boys/girls would learn to do hand work like knitting=crocheting=etc. Again thank you for your excellent teaching demo. Judy

    1. risna Avatar

      Hi Judy, I’m glad if you found my posting useful. The youtube video is not mine, I found it while I’m looking for the bobble stitch specified from the pattern. I also love you tube to learn many things in knit and crochet. It is much easier to look up on you tube than to read the instructions on a book 😀

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