Little Blue Boy Hat

Little blue boy hat

A few days ago, Free pattern of the day from Annie’s Attic was a baby boy set (hat and sweater). I like the texture on the pattern so I decided to make it. I thought the mix of blue-white yarn can show the texture. So I started right away with the hat.

I used a few kind of stitches on this hat: dc, fpdc, bpdc, hdc and reverse sc. It always fun making a product with many kind of stitches in it. I finished the hat today. I’m a little bit disappointed though, I don’t think the texture looks good with this yarn, so I decided not to do the sweater yet. I think the plain color yarn will be better when playing with texture.







3 responses to “Little Blue Boy Hat”

  1. Yuliazmi Avatar

    Sweet hat..its so a neat item. Love it’s blue color 🙂

  2. Risna Avatar

    Mbak Yul, it’s an easy pattern, why don’t you made it for your Junior 🙂

  3. John Avatar

    Hi, can I ask the name of the blue-white yarn you use for the hat? It looks really like a yarn I’m trying to identify/find a substitute for at the moment (I got a ball of it with no label off someone, thought it would go father than it actually did, and about a third of a sock left to knit on 12 inches of yarn).


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