Flowers Doily

Crochet: Flowers in Doily

A few days ago I bought this pattern from Mrs. Thata Pang. I never made any doily before so this is my first crocheted doily. When I almost finished, I noticed that my doily only have 7 flowers instead of 8 like in the picture on Thata’s site. It seems I don’t read the pattern carefully.

Flowers Doily

Anyway, I used cotton white yarn for the doily and acrylic pink yarn for the flowers. I bought the yarn separately so the size of the yarn is not the same. The white yarn is bigger than the pink one, and it makes me have to modify the pattern for the flower a little bit. I must admit that my work is far from perfect. I cannot find the pink yarn with the same brand as the white one but I cannot wait for the yarn from Indonesia, so I just did it with the different sizes of yarn.

Well, at least I know how to crochet a flower. I think the flower itself can be used as accessories for other projects.







4 responses to “Crochet: Flowers in Doily”

  1. Thata Avatar

    Great work Risna 🙂

    Buat kado dengan macam2 warna flower ok juga deh. Bener itu bunga memang bisa dibuat accecoiress. Seneng aja kalau patternku bisa kamu modif.. Semangat.

  2. linda Avatar

    wow cantiknya 🙂

  3. Yuliazmi Avatar

    Wah, rapi nih… bravo buat project crochet pertamanya 🙂

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