Dress shirt and Trousers

Joe dan kemeja Baru

I learned to sew a dress shirt lately. I thought it would be easy since I’ve sewn a few pajamas shirts. It appears it’s not as easy as I thought. I learned to make the shirt with french seams so it looks more neat inside. Attaching the collar and the cuff was also another challenges for me. I needed to rip and sew it again more than twice.


I finished it last week and my husband is very proud to wear it. He went to work using the shirt with the trousers that I made previously. He told everyone in the room that his new shirt was made by me.

Anyway, learning to sew makes me understand how to recognize good quality wearables (including choosing the fabric), whether the price is reasonable to the quality or not. I also began to pay more attention to various style of dress shirt.

Next project will be a shirt for myself 🙂






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