Learning Thai

I’ve been busy learning Thai since June at YMCA Chiang Mai. I memorized many words, I understood some sentences when I hear it. But I still cannot speak Thai :(. Yesterday I decided to stop learning Thai at YMCA and registered myself to AUA Chiang Mai.

Before registering to AUA, I’ve heard some testimonies from ex-AUA students. They said, learning Thai in AUA is totally different from YMCA. I do some Googling yesterday to find out about others testimonies, and I ended up in a website that says learning language is different from learning math, history or any other subjects at school. I think everybody has different style of learning. But for me, the Automatic Language Growth program seems quite promising.

English is not my mother language. I learned English for years and I still cannot master it. And now, I have to learn Thai using English because I live in Thailand. For me, learning Thai is a challenge. I think if I can speak Thai, then another opportunity to learn other language will be open for me. I’m waiting for that moment to come.






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  1. Keith Avatar

    Wonder how AUA has been for you to learn Thai compared with YMCA? My friend just started learning English at Chaingmai YMCA. Thanks for any comments.


    1. risna Avatar

      Learning Thai in YMCA helped me a lot without too many efforts, I can memorize all the words in every lessons. In YMCA they teach everything based on the book they gave you, so if you are a diligent student you can learn it at home before and after class (in my case I’m not a diligent one). YMCA teach you 3 times a week so basically you will get more time to practice and you don’t get stress. But the weakness of learning in YMCA is: not all the teachers can explain the material in good English. Their English is very weak, some of them speak Japanese better than English.

      In AUA the class is every day (5 day a week(, and most of the teacher don’t teach the material from the book. The good thing is they only teach you words that you will need to use for daily life to survive in Thailand. In YMCA some of the words taught there are not important enough to know for the daily life. So…for me, both in YMCA and AUA have different advantages. But I must say, in AUA I get better explanations than in YMCA.

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