A few finished products

Lately I am more into crocheting than knitting. Here are a few finished products before my vacation last month.


This is a plastic bag holder. Actually this is a crochet along project in DC group months ago. I postponed it for quite a long time. Finally I finished this project in a weekend. I made the flowers first, after the flowers are done, then I made the plastic holder.

When my friend, Wendy saw this, she said that this kind of plastic bag holder is to lovely to be just hanging in your kitchen. I think its the flowers that made this plastic bag holder looks lovely. Actually I’m glad I know another pattern for flower, so I know other alternatives to make embellishment.

For anyone who interested with the sun flowers plastic bag holder, I got the pattern from Ravelry. Maybe you can try to contact the designer directly.(Added 4 January 2020)


Another project that I’ve done is this boy beanie hat. My friend Vera, wants me to make something for her son Adrian. I want to try the pattern from the Stitch ‘N Bitch book that I bought from Amazon so I decided to give it a try on this pattern.

I have a little bit difficulties following the pattern. I don’t understand why if I followed the pattern exactly, the hat is curved immediately. Maybe it’s because the size of the yarn I used, or maybe the hook size. I don’t really pay attention to those information. Usually I just take my yarn and hook, then try to follow the pattern until it finished.

I have to ripped it off a few times, until finally I modified the pattern. I just add some stitches count on the first row. I also add more increasing rows when making the round. This is something I love with crocheting, I can improvised easily than when I do the knitting.poncho

This poncho is another request from my friend Asri who has a 2 years old daughter Fara. When she saw my baby dress product, she asked me to make a dress too for her daughter. I refused her because I was not sure I can finish another dress in a few days.

She changed her request from dress to poncho. I got the pattern from here. I modified the pattern a little bit, instead of making the poncho together with the hood, I made the poncho separately from the hood, so the baby can have 2 styles. I forgot to take the pictures after I join the poncho with the hood, maybe later I’ll upload the pictures when Fara use it.

tasAnother finished product is a hand bag for my friend Grace. She is curious about the yarn that I bought here. I made this hand bag while watching TV Series, I finished it in a few hours.the picture from the book

I got the pattern from Stitch ‘N Bitch book too. The pattern is very easy to follow. I modified the pattern by using 2 colors instead of single color.

For all my finished products here, I used acrylic yarn that I bought in local yarn store here in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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  1. Wah, banyak juga hasil crochetnya 😀
    Salam kenal ya, aku Ira dari milis Mari Merajut 🙂

  2. Cintah.. thanks topinya yah.. topi itu sekarang jadi favorit adrian deh, pasti bentar lagi dah ga cukup tuh.. bikinin lagi yah! huehehehe…

  3. Hi there! Is it possible to get a link for a place to purchase the pattern for the flower bag holder?

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