Tunisian Crochet: Entrelac bag

Entrelac Bag
It’s been a while since I posted my last finished project. Actually this bag was finished a few weeks ago, but I was very lazy to edit the picture or to upload this one. I have another finished project beside this one, but I will write in separate post.

I bought this pattern from mrs. Thata, after finished with Tunisian Round potholder. Right now this pattern is also available at Craft and Me.

I don’t feel satisfied with my work. My work was still untidy and made this bag look messy :(. Another problem was because I used unbalanced weight of yarns. The black one is cotton, I work in double strand (because if I work in single strand it will be too thin), and the mixed colour one is bulky cotton thread 8 ply. I still want to do this pattern again after my new yarns come. But I got my lesson now, hope I can make it better next time.

Tunisian Round Potholder

Tunisian Round Potholder
Tunisian crochet is a new thing for me. I heard about this several times, but since I didn’t have the needle I never think to tried it.

Actually tunisian is a type of crochet, using the hook like in crochet but usually the needle is longer than the crochet hook. A few days ago, our group’s moderator show us her work with tunisian, but it’s not an usual tunisian. She made the tunisian in a round and also made a beautiful bag with entrelac tunisian which tempted me to give it a try.
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