AUA – Day 2

Our lesson on the 2nd day started by practice greetings and question and answers using “?à-rai”. After that, we learned about the basic things we should know for the rest of the term.

We learned about:

The teacher explained how to produce each sound. The explanation is similar to the sites that I link above. I’ll write a few notes from my class: Continue reading

AUA – Day 1

My new term learning Thai at AUA started on Thursday, 27th September 2007. We learned basic conversation. Not many new words I learned on the first day.

The teacher starts to explain some Thai words by saying the words and doing some act without explaining the meaning in English. She repeated the acts several times, so that each of us can understand what she did (we are not asked to guess, only to observe). After that, we start learning basic phrases and how to pronounce them correctly.

Thai language is a tonal language. Different tones makes different meaning, that is why we have to pronounce everything correctly. Thai language has it’s own characters (script), but since I only take speaking class, we don’t use the Thai characters. We learned Thai language using transliteration with special tones mark.

On the first day we learned about :

  • Pronoun : I ( for man ♂ “phŏm” ผม , for woman ♀ “dì chán/ chán” ดิฉัน), He/she – “kháo” เขา, they – “pûak kháo” พวก-เขา, us – “pûak rao” พวกเรา
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Learning Thai

I’ve been busy learning Thai since June at YMCA Chiang Mai. I memorized many words, I understood some sentences when I hear it. But I still cannot speak Thai :(. Yesterday I decided to stop learning Thai at YMCA and registered myself to AUA Chiang Mai.

Before registering to AUA, I’ve heard some testimonies from ex-AUA students. They said, learning Thai in AUA is totally different from YMCA. I do some Googling yesterday to find out about others testimonies, and I ended up in a website that says learning language is different from learning math, history or any other subjects at school. I think everybody has different style of learning. But for me, the Automatic Language Growth program seems quite promising.

English is not my mother language. I learned English for years and I still cannot master it. And now, I have to learn Thai using English because I live in Thailand. For me, learning Thai is a challenge. I think if I can speak Thai, then another opportunity to learn other language will be open for me. I’m waiting for that moment to come.