Feb 17

Saya ingin menyatakan bahwa kata kata merenda tidak tepat untuk crochet, karena akan menimbulkan kerancuan baru terhadap merenda kerawang.

Alasan saya:

  • KBBI tidak mencantumkan bahwa rajut itu knit dan renda itu crochet. Kalaupun ada penjelasan perajut menggunakan sepasang kawat lurus, perlu diperhatikan knit tidak semata-mata menggunakan sepasang kawat lurus, terkadang bisa menggunakan 4 jarum, atau jarum sirkular, ataupun loom knitting. Contoh kata merenda yg ada dalam KBBI tidak mencerminkan arti kata merenda itu sendiri. Kenapa kbbi ada kata perajut tapi tidak ada kata perenda? KBBI masih kurang lengkap untuk hal ini.

silakan cari sendiri kata rajut dan renda dari link ini: http://pusatbahasa.diknas.go.id/kbbi/index.php



  • Lihat definisi dari kata merajut di kbbi nomor 1. menyirat jaring-jaring – hal ini bisa dilakukan baik dengan teknik crochet maupun knit.
  • Dari wikipedia bahasa Inggris, crochet dinyatakan proses membuat kain dari benang menggunakan crochet hook. Kegiatan crocheting mirip dengan knitting, atau kita bisa sebut kegiatan yg sama tapi berbeda jarum dan teknik. Tidak ada disebutkan crochet = lace = renda.crochet
  • Dengan mengganti crochet menjadi merenda, akan menimbulkan kerancuan terhadap renda hasil bobbin lace (menyelesaikan masalah terhadap knit menimbulkan masalah baru terhadap crochet). Perhatikan jarum yg digunakan untuk bobbin lace ini berbeda sekali dengan crochet tapi hasilnya berupa renda yang mirip dengan hasil crochet tapi tidak semua hasil bobbin lace bisa di reproduksi dengan crochet. (foto dari wikipedia : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bobbin_lace)

 bobbin lace wikipedia

  • Hasil crochet tidak melulu berupa renda lace (kerawang) dan tidak selalu berupa rantai (chain). Hampir semua hasil knit bisa di reproduksi dengan crochet.

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Nov 20

Shawl Knit

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WIP - KnitDo you still remember this work in progress that feels like forever will be WIP?  I remember I started to cast on around 2 years ago while I just started learn knitting. After a few drop stitches I gave up. I wanted to rip it off once, I felt the yarn colors are a little bit weird. But my laziness won, too lazy to rip it off. I changed my mind and just continue to knit it once a while and this is how it looks on June 2009.

Finally I did it. After almost 2 years, I cast it off and call it finished project. The shawl is not too wide but long enough. I am thinking to use it as a shrug-shawl.

shawl knit

I’m glad I didn’t rip it off years ago 🙂

shawl knit

Btw you can find the pattern from here: http://www.gosyo.co.jp/img/acrobat/24ss/30.pdf

Nov 19


About few months ago I went to spotlight Singapore on my way back to Chiang Mai. I saw this loom knitting set but I still hesitated to buy it. I don’t think I really want this tools. The price is quite cheaper compared to the price on Amazon.

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Jul 10

Since I fell in love with needle and yarn, I’ve been wanting to have a store with many yarns and needles in it.. Well.. finally I started an online shop with my friend. Our main target customers is in Indonesia. My Friend is also a yarn lover, she started playing with needle and yarn almost at the same time with me.


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Jun 05

Booble Scarf Knit

New StashFinally, I started to knit again. My friend shared some knit patterns on her facebook and I can’t resist the temptation to knit again. I need a new scarf, not a thick one but warm and have style to use at the office. I decide to learn new things this time. I choose this pattern and  the Moda Dea Puff yarn from my stashes and use clover circular knit needles number 12 to knit it.

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Feb 25

These yarns came along with Joe’s family from Indonesia. I bought them last year from several places in Indonesia and also from Singapore – online and offline. Many of my friends and also Joe’s family involved to make it landed on my yarn closet.

These are from Spotlight Singapore (Thanks to Meiche and Vivin).

moda vera sentimentsbenang jalan-jalan

These are from Tobucil Bandung, thanks to Aris

benang tobucil tampak atasbenang tobucil

These are from HouseOfYarn – Thanks to Katrien

katun kilap katrinkatun kilap

These are from several places. Thanks to Grace who gathered it so it is easier to carry. And also big thanks to Yosi who bring it all the way from Bandung to Depok and finally toThailand.

benang tampak sampingBerbagai benang lokal

And these how my yarn closet looks like recently. Still not too much eh? Winking

Stash per February 2009

And now I have to arrange my ‘free’ time to make all these yarns into something useful (and beautiful) in between my new sewing hobby and my watching TV series habit.

Life is awesome!!!

Jan 04

First of all, I would like to greet all of you with Happy New Year 2009.

This year I decided to practice my knit again. If it wasn’t because I wanted to learn how to knit, I don’t think I will find my passion in crocheting. The reason I learn to knit again is because each time I see knit wearable patterns I always want to be able to make it. It just I’m not patient enough to deal with drop stitches and when there’s a miscount in pattern, it’s harder to undo the mistake compared to crochet.

Smock Dishcloth with yarn and needleSmock Dishcloth - WS

Anyway, before new year, we moved to the new unit and I need more dishcloths, coasters and hot pad. So, this is a good reason to try to make them (knit or crochet).

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Nov 30

MultiCounter on Symbian PhoneThe first time I used a counter while crocheting was when I made the vest. Since I don’t have a real counter, I borrowed my husband’s Ipod Touch so I can use the StitchMinder to write my row count.

Today, he made a multicounter application for my mobile phone. If you’re mobile using Symbian operating system (S603rd edition) and want to use this application, you can download the application from his website.

The good news is, it’s a freeware. Feel free to use it 🙂

Update: Java/MIDP/J2ME version is also available.
I requested my husband to make this application so it can be used on most hand held and today he finished the MultiCounter application for J2ME version. This version already tested on Nokia 7610, Nokia 9300, Sonny Ericsson P990i. This version support for device with touch screen, you can easily increase or decrease the number by touching the screen. For other handheld you can use the right and left keys.

You can download this version from his website and this version is a freeware too 🙂