Another Work-In-Progress Finished

I started this project on September last year, after quite some time I didn’t play with my hook. I thought I will stay with my hook, but I was wrong. These last 3 days, I was in the good mood in crocheting. Finally another work-in-progress from last year is finished.

peacock shawl finish

The Mystery Crochet Along was fun. It started with some stages to make the peacock track with audio instead of writing. The first and the second track is done in no time, but for making the extra part in the middle took me quite some time. Maybe because there was no more mystery in it, I don’t feel like I want to finish it right away.

The CAL pattern is for scarf, but as the size is 32 x 140 cm, I think it’s too wide as scarf.

I satisfied with how it turns out. I’m glad I can finish it. I’m considering to find another mystery crochet along project again ^_^.

Crocheted Shawl Finally Finish

crocheted shawl close up

After more than a year as WIP, finally I finished this crocheted shawl. What can I say, I’m too lazy to do any craft recently.

crocheted shawl 3

crocheted shawl

I feel relieved, because I thought I will never finish this shawl with my very slow speed. I hope my dear friend will be happy with this very late gift 😀

Now I’m ready to finish another work in progress (I hope the laziness will not come back soon).

Crochet bukan sekedar merenda

Saya ingin menyatakan bahwa kata kata merenda tidak tepat untuk crochet, karena akan menimbulkan kerancuan baru terhadap merenda kerawang.

Alasan saya:

  • KBBI tidak mencantumkan bahwa rajut itu knit dan renda itu crochet. Kalaupun ada penjelasan perajut menggunakan sepasang kawat lurus, perlu diperhatikan knit tidak semata-mata menggunakan sepasang kawat lurus, terkadang bisa menggunakan 4 jarum, atau jarum sirkular, ataupun loom knitting. Contoh kata merenda yg ada dalam KBBI tidak mencerminkan arti kata merenda itu sendiri. Kenapa kbbi ada kata perajut tapi tidak ada kata perenda? KBBI masih kurang lengkap untuk hal ini.

silakan cari sendiri kata rajut dan renda dari link ini:



  • Lihat definisi dari kata merajut di kbbi nomor 1. menyirat jaring-jaring – hal ini bisa dilakukan baik dengan teknik crochet maupun knit.
  • Dari wikipedia bahasa Inggris, crochet dinyatakan proses membuat kain dari benang menggunakan crochet hook. Kegiatan crocheting mirip dengan knitting, atau kita bisa sebut kegiatan yg sama tapi berbeda jarum dan teknik. Tidak ada disebutkan crochet = lace = renda.crochet
  • Dengan mengganti crochet menjadi merenda, akan menimbulkan kerancuan terhadap renda hasil bobbin lace (menyelesaikan masalah terhadap knit menimbulkan masalah baru terhadap crochet). Perhatikan jarum yg digunakan untuk bobbin lace ini berbeda sekali dengan crochet tapi hasilnya berupa renda yang mirip dengan hasil crochet tapi tidak semua hasil bobbin lace bisa di reproduksi dengan crochet. (foto dari wikipedia :

 bobbin lace wikipedia

  • Hasil crochet tidak melulu berupa renda lace (kerawang) dan tidak selalu berupa rantai (chain). Hampir semua hasil knit bisa di reproduksi dengan crochet.

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Baby Granny Jacket

The problem with having more than 1 blog and a few social networking to maintain is, sometimes you forgot what  you published or not published yet.

Well some of you might still remember I post about this socks in my previous post.

Baby Socks

I manage to made a granny jacket with the same color. This baby jacket and baby sock arrived safely in my hometown Medan. Yes I made those for my new nephew. Actually this is not the first time for me to make a baby granny jacket. I modified from my memory making the first one. This time I just modified the collar part.

Baby Granny Jacket

I use smaller type of yarn for this second time, and I have to add more rows to make the size ok. Actually I’m just guessing the size. My nephew was born premature, I’m sure this jacket will be too big for him and will fit on him until he is 1 year old.

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